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Travel Vaccines

Vaccinations for Holiday / Business Travel

Taking a journey overseas can be a very satisfying experience. No matter what the reason for your trip you will need to be aware of the health risks which can occur when you are away from home. Taking simple precautions like ensuring you have received the recommended travel vaccines, will go a long way towards keeping you healthy.

People travel for a multitude of reasons; short sun holidays, business trips, trekking across continents or just stopping off in the tropics on the way to their final destination.

The Tropical Medical Bureau provides a comprehensive pre-departure vaccination and travel health advice programme, including Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Post-exposure medical and laboratory screening services are also available.

Why Vaccinate?

A vaccine is used to stimulate the body to protect itself against a disease. Some vaccines may be given orally, others by injection. The modern vaccines generally cause little sickness or discomfort and do not need to be feared as some were in the past.

Generally, vaccines should be considered for all travellers going to areas outside of Western Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand.

They should be started at least 4 weeks before the journey if at all possible. Those planning to live abroad for long periods (or those undertaking extensive trekking holidays) will need to start their vaccine courses up to 6 months before they leave.

It is better to have the recommended travel vaccines even if time is short as some protection is better than none. Request an appointment